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Idéfix has built, renovate and construct houses, ships and old renovation projects for many years. Idéfix started out at first with welding iron, aluminum and stainless steel, but very soon the woodwork/carpentry was added. Because of this diverse background, and the experience with many different projects, Idéfix can combine old traditional work very well with the application of modern techniques. As a result of all this experience, the work is done quickly, accurately, and you would get proper advise on your renovation or repair. For instance: how do you use a space optimally, or, what are alternative material choices. And just as important, what is the perfect logistical plan in order to work as fast and as efficiently possible! Idéfix will take on everything: minor adjustments, but also complete renovations, including plumbing, doors and windows. If you click on the photos below you can see a few possibilities. Please don't hesitate to contact us.